Digitalization is changing the world of work. As we embark on this journey together, we are keen to spark enthusiasm among our employees for the opportunities that new technologies are creating. 

Thomas Ogilvie, Board Member Human Resources, Labor Director, Corporate Incubations

How will digitalization transform logistics? 

There isn’t an area that will be left untouched. Digital technologies speed up our business; tasks can be performed with greater speed, ease and flexibility. Digitalization will strengthen global connectedness, benefiting both our customers and our employees. There’s no denying that digital transformation is a key factor for the future of our business.

Job profiles will change.

Yes, but they will do so in a positive way. We’re not just modernizing our IT systems – our applications and processes are also being transformed. For example, we can now process large amounts of data better, ­enabling us to design complex processes more efficiently. And while this will lead to changes in existing job profiles, completely new fields of activity will also emerge. 

New skills will be required for the jobs of the future, skills that differ considerably from those needed today. Highly repetitive tasks and activities involving physical exertion will gradually be automated. By contrast, cognitive and intercultural skills and creativity will be a high priority in the job profiles of the future. In the logistics business, ­people are irreplaceable.

Digitalization – people will always be needed

We want to be Employer of Choice. Our employees are and will remain the key to our success. 

Ideally, employees whose tasks can be automated in future will be able to take on different responsibilities for which we can provide interdisciplinary training in the specialist areas and methods their new roles require. In return, we hope to be met with open-mindedness, curiosity and a willingness to explore the opportunities these new requirements can bring. Digitalization is a continuous process that requires people to take responsibility for their own advancement, and this includes learning new things.

Towards lasting cultural change.

How and where we perform our jobs will change radically in certain fields. Activities performed at bricks and mortar locations will increasingly be assisted by automation. We are already collaborating in numerous cross-divisional and international projects that would be inconceivable without the help of digital technologies. This reinforces team members’ sense of responsibility, motivates them and encourages innovation and ingenuity. It is exactly this capacity for renewal that ensures lasting success for our company. 

In my position as Labor Director, this also means we have to engage in ongoing dialogue with our social partners to find new and flexible solutions to accommodate this trend – in our employment contracts and remuneration structures and in our digital training programs. And in the same vein, our processes must be realigned. 

Dr. Thomas Ogilvie

Board Member Human Resources, Labor Director, Corporate Incubations