DHL Express volunteers help change their communities for the better

In June 2017, 862 employees from DHL Express Korea took part in various community projects as part of their Global Volunteer Day efforts. More than 120 Country Office employees and their family members helped to clean up Gyeongbokgung Palace and Changdeokgung Palace. The volunteers at Gyeongbokgung cleared weeds and those at Changdeokgung scrubbed the palace walls and windowsills. Despite the heat, everyone demonstrated their Can-Do attitude and got the job done.

Meanwhile, a large group of service center employees headed to other areas for their clean-ups. The Incheon Gateway Operations team spruced up the Incheon Youngjong Island sea walls and staff from Ulsan Service Center cleaned up the Taehwa River area.

On top of that, Gumi Service Center volunteers helped the elderly paint the walls of Bisan-dong Community Center. Busan Service Center volunteers cleaned the gym, the rooms and the bed linen at Busan Healthcare Center for the elderly. In addition, the Sungsoo Service Center team visited the Sungmo Protection Center to spend time with children with disabilities.