Supplier management

Successfully managing our global network of suppliers is a key competitive factor. The Supplier Code of Conduct forms the basis for supplier relations and is a mandatory component of our contracts with suppliers. The Code obligates our suppliers to observe the strategic goals and ethical values of Deutsche Post DHL Group and encourages them to implement the same standards in their own supply chains.

Supplier management is a key component of our procurement processes. It helps us to ensure that our standards are applied and adhered to along the supply chain; moreover it increases supply security and creates value through trustbased collaboration with our suppliers. Supplier management pays particular attention to strategically important suppliers, who contribute significantly to the Group’s value creation. We offer employees comprehensive training designed to sensitize them to the risks that can arise in the procurement process.

In line with our Corporate Procurement Policy, preference is given to suppliers and transport service providers with high environmental and social standards. We select suppliers and transport service providers by way of a standardized, multi-step evaluation process. To ensure a high degree of quality and objectivity during the tender process, we also look at external supplier evaluations and define appropriate thresholds. As a result, we work with suppliers with whom we have gained positive experience in evaluating our own sustainability performance, and whose processes we believe to be credible and trustworthy.

You can download the Deutsche Post DHL Group Supplier Code of Conduct as a PDF file. You can choose between the English and 28 other language versions.


The 2019 Sustainability Report shows that every day, our employees bring the world together, united by one common purpose: “Connecting people, improving lives.”