Our approach

We face fundamental challenges. Our business is an essential driver of global trade, economic growth, and individual prosperity, but it also has an enormous impact on the environment. Logistics helps power the world, but it is people who power our logistics company. And we may connect every corner of the globe, but we must comply with a wide range of regulatory environments.

Over the past 15 years, we have continuously improved our carbon efficiency. But it is still our duty as a globally operating company to reduce our footprint even more and make supply chains greener. We also have to ensure equal opportunities and a safe working environment, as well as comply with all regulations and stand up as a world-class role model for good corporate governance. With worldwide operations and a team of over half a million, we have great potential to take action today that will make a positive impact on tomorrow. That's why we are a longstanding, dedicated partner of the United Nations and committed to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Together, we can fully tap into our potential and make a lasting impact.

Our sustainability commitments

We can't create a lasting positive impact unless we follow a clear strategy. That's why our roadmap to sustainability focuses on meeting three key commitments.