Deutsche Post DHL Group's solutions deliver societal value add

As the world's leading transport and logistics company, Deutsche Post DHL Group connects people and improves their lives. But what does this purpose mean for our everyday lives and to what extend is it relevant to our stakeholders? To showcase our company purpose, we have developed the Impact Wheel – a circular infographic depicting the Deutsche Post DHL Group wheel that turns with a vast range of socially significant products and services serving as its spokes.

Every time the wheel turns, it not only supports our Strategy 2025 goals, but also highlights how our core business activities – especially in the area of environment, health and logistics infrastructure – deliver on behalf of sustainable development worldwide. Thus, it contributes to the UN’s 17 goals for sustainable development (SDGs) which are increasingly becoming the global benchmark for sustainable effort.

With our logistics products and solutions, we specifically contribute to the areas of health, infrastructure and environment:

  • We help to protect our planet by reducing the use of natural resources, decreasing CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions as well as reducing noise pollution.

    Noise reduction

    e-Vehicles: Over 6,000 e-vehicles help to reduce noise pollution in inner-city areas.

    Delivery by Bike: Around 24,900 postal delivery bikes contribute to noise reduction in delivery areas.

    Conservation of natural resources

    Reverse Logistics Solutions: We work on logistics solutions for waste-free supply chains.

    Envirosolutions: With our Envirosolutions, companies can reduce their disposal waste and convert it into green energy.

    Reduction of CO2 other greenhouse gas emissions & air pollution

    Intermodal: Choosing intermodal transport solutions can save CO2 emissions.

    Teardrop Trailer:
    As of 2016 we already had over 1,500 aerodynamic Teardrop Trailers in operation, each consuming around 10% less fuel compared to usual trucks.

    DHL Express Bike Delivery:
    We have introduced cargo bikes for Express deliveries in more than 80 European cities in 13 countries. In the Netherlands, 60% of innercity vehicle routes are already operated with these cargo bicycles.

    StreetScooter: More than 5,500 StreetScooters are actively in use for the DPDHL Group.

    Smart Truck: Using dynamic route-planning implemented in 179 trucks to cut down distance travelled by 15%, reducing both fuel consumption and CO2 emissions across 5 cities in India.

  • We ensure reliable and in-time provision of medical goods and equipment worldwide incl. temperaturesensitive goods through specialized transport.

    Provide safe and global access to healthcare products

    Global Warehousing Footprint: More than 170 life science graded warehouses globally supporting patient safety and healthcare.

    DHL Thermonet Network: Our global footprint of more than 100 stations supports shipping of more than 100 million kg of temperature sensitive medical goods and equipment with air and ocean modes.

    Road Freight Coldchain: Connecting Europe by ensuring temparture controlled life science and healthcare products reach their destination safe, on time and as per customer requirement (2 – 8°C or 15 – 25°C).

    Support healthcare/ logistics innovation

    Medical Express: Time definite supply of medical goods and equipments to 200+ countries and territories world-wide and a dedicated Medical Express product for specific needs.

    DHL Parcelcopter: Can deliver medical goods to remote or difficult to access areas such as islands or mountainous regions.

    Clinical Trial Depots: Clinical trial depots in over 25 countries provide specialist storage and transport of clinical trial materials supporting life science innovation.

    GAVI: Optimized immunization supply chain by improving access to new and underused vaccines in the developing world.

  • We enable a global flow of mail and goods as well as ensure their local distribution, and we provide secure digital communication.

    Logistics for relief supplies

    Get Airports Ready for Disaster (GARD): To date, our disaster preparedness workshops have been held at over 43 different airports worldwide with over 1000 participants.

    DHL Disaster Response Teams (DRT): So far in more than 40 deployments to over 20 countries worldwide employees managed incoming relief supplies at disaster-stuck airports.

    Global and Local Transport and Communication

    Resilience 360: We improve emergency preparedness, enable early detection of supply chain disruptions to take a more proactive approach to potential threats, and help organizations build resiliency in their supply chains.

    Global Logistics Network: We enable global trade by making over 220 countries worldwide accessible to our worldwide logistics network, including remote and difficult to access areas.

    E-Post: A high level of encryption allows for secure digital communication.

    The Postal Service for Germany: Within Germany, Deutsche Post provides universal postal infrastructure by delivering 59 million letters and 4.3 million parcels everyday. Deutsche Post preserves postal secrecy.

    Deutsche Post preserves postal secrecy.


The 2019 Sustainability Report shows that every day, our employees bring the world together, united by one common purpose: “Connecting people, improving lives.”