Green products and services

Already today, sustainability is an important competitive factor. Customers prefer environmentally-friendly products. More and more companies are committing to climate protection targets and are requiring suppliers to comply. Job applicants give priority to companies strong in corporate responsibility, and investors insist, more and more, that companies reduce their environmental risks and dependence on resources.

This is why we want more than 50% of our sales to incorporate Green Solutions by the year 2025, which also helps make our customers' supply chains greener.

Since the inception of our GoGreen program, we have gained extensive knowledge and expertise in the area of climate-friendly logistics processes, and we make sure to pass this knowledge on to our customers. DHL GoGreen Solutions include both standardized products and customized solutions to help customers develop their own eco-friendly business models and green supply chains.

GoGreen solutions

Our Carbon Reports give customers transparency with regard to their logistics-related emissions. With Climate Neutral Products, we offset unavoidable logistics-related emissions through certified climate protection projects.

With Green Optimization we identify ways in which our customers can reduce emissions, waste and other environmental impacts. The resulting optimization measures achieve savings potential that most companies would not be able to achieve on their own.

Circular economy solutions are important for enabling economic growth without increased resource consumption. Our tailored logistics solutions help our customers make the circular economy a reality.

  • With Carbon Reports we help our customers understand the environmental impact of their transport and logistics-related activities. Customer emissions are measured using the same carbon accounting standards applied to our own emissions calculations. The calculation methods are based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol's Product Life Cycle Accounting and Reporting Standard.  In addition, Carbon Reports for DHL Express and DHL Global Forwarding, Freight are issued according to the EN 16258 European standard.

    The latest accounting and reporting standards provide greater transparency and allow customers to better manage the environmental impact and cost of their supply chains. The calculation methods used for our various Carbon Reports are verified annually by an independent auditing company.

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  • Our climate neutral products and services allow customers to offset emissions due to transport and logistics. The methods used for calculating and offsetting greenhouse gas emissions are based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol's Product Lifecycle Accounting and Reporting Standard. The climate neutral products and services thus cover CO2along with other greenhouse gas emissions, as well as emissions resulting from the production and transport of energy and fuels.

    Emissions calculations and offsets for GoGreen are verified by SGS, an independent audit company.

    Offsets are achieved by supporting climate protection projects in several countries around the world, including Deutsche Post DHL Group's own project in Lesotho. By distributing high-efficiency stoves we make sure that people in Lesotho burn less firewood when preparing their food. This helps lower climate-damaging emissions, reduces exposure to harmful smoke when cooking and, due to the lower demand for firewood, also reduces deforestation.

  • As different as supply chains can be, they do have one thing in common: no supply chain is perfect - neither in terms of cost, nor in terms of environmental impact. No matter where you look, you'll find processes that can be simplified, that can run more smoothly, and/or can be more efficient in terms of resource use. This is where our consulting support comes in. We work together with our customers to identify improvement potential and develop appropriate measures to reduce both emissions and other negative impacts on the environment.

    When implementing such projects on behalf of our customers we draw on the experience and proven strategies of our successful GoGreen program. In line with our Burn Less principle we reduce energy consumption without changing the energy source. And in line with Burn Clean, we focus on using greener energy sources and fuels.

    As with our own environmental protection program, our customer projects also focus on optimizing the efficiency of fleets, buildings and networks and are able to achieve significant reductions of greenhouse gas emissions. Because these measures involve reduced resource consumption, the environmental benefits often go hand in hand with cost savings.

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  • We develop solutions for reverse logistics, waste management and extended producer responsibility. These are available through our DHL Envirosolutions product portfolio, for example. In 2017, we opened a new waste management plant at Gatwick Airport, which makes Gatwick the first airport in the world to turn airport waste, such as food and packaging, into energy on site. The energy is used to fuel Gatwick’s waste incineration plant and to power the site’s water recovery system. The plant not only saves the airport about €1,100 a day in energy costs, but also supports Gatwick in its goal to boost the airport’s recycling rate from 49% today to 85% by 2020.

Our climate protection projects

We insist on high standards and select climate protection projects based on both their environmental and social benefits.