Our GoGreen environmental protection program

Mission 2050: zero emissions

Our mission as the leading mail and logistics company is to connect people and improve lives. Due to the size and global reach of our Group – and its importance for global trade – we feel we have a special responsibility to our employees, to society and the environment. This strong sense of responsibility has a major influence on the way we conduct business and is the foundation of our corporate culture.

Our Group-wide environmental protection program GoGreen is an expression of this strong sense of responsibility. The program’s main objective is to reduce and/or avoid emissions of greenhouse gases and local air pollutants. By the year 2050 we want to reduce all logistics-related emissions to zero – a highly ambitious goal.

Engaging in social and environmental issues

The Shared Value proposition plays an important role in all of our environmental protection activities. Shared Value is about strengthening our market position by engaging in social and environmental issues and integrating these into our core business.

Our diverse range of carbon efficiency measures and GoGreen services not only benefit society and the environment, but also create value for us and our customers. Saving on fuel or electricity, for example, also means lower operating costs over the long term, which is why investments in green technologies pay off.

Environmental goals

By the year 2050 we want to reduce all logistics-related emissions to zero. Re-inventing logistics to become emissions neutral in the next three decades is clearly a huge challenge. But we are optimistic that we can achieve this goal – with the help of new technologies, the dedication and expertise of our employees and through collaboration with our customers and partners.

By the year 2025, we want to:

  • Increase our carbon efficiency by 50% compared to 2007 levels.
  • Reduce local air pollution emissions by operating 70% of our own first and last mile services with clean pick-up and delivery solutions, such as bicycles and electric vehicles.
  • Have more than 50% of our sales incorporate Green Solutions. In this way we also make our customers’ supply chains greener.
  • Certify 80% of our employees as GoGreen specialists and get them involved in our environmental and climate protection activities. This includes joining partners to plant one million trees each year to protect our forests.
Reducing air pollution as well traffic-related noise pollution
Our mission is to connect people and improve their lives, which is why our environmental targets are broad in scope. Along with our climate protection measures we work on reducing air pollution from local exhaust gases and particulate matter, as well traffic-related noise pollution. We also minimize our consumption of water and paper.

Our future environmental protection measures build on the proven success of past measures. As the world's leading mail and logistics company we committed to an ambitious climate protection goal as early as 2008, when we announced the goal to improve our carbon efficiency by 30% over the 2007 baseline by the year 2020. Thanks to our strategic approach and numerous measures developed and implemented as part of the GoGreen program, we were able to achieve this target in 2016 – several years ahead of schedule. For years now GoGreen products and services have helped our customers create more sustainable supply chains and achieve their own environmental goals.

Strategic approach

To achieve our environmental protection goal we optimize our supply chain in several different ways. The use of new technologies plays an important role, but our strategic approach is also an important success factor for our improvement measures.

Certifying employees as GoGreen specialists
We know from our extensive experience in the area of environmental protection that trained and motivated employees are especially effective when it comes to adopting greener, more sustainable practices in their respective areas of responsibility, putting eco-friendly innovations into practice, and even developing new solutions. This is why we want to certify 80% of our people as GoGreen specialists by 2025 and actively involve them in our environmental and climate protection activities. This includes joining partners to plant one million trees every year to protect our forests.

We begin by focusing on the measures that promise the biggest efficiency gains. This means that transparency on greenhouse gas emissions – at every step along the supply chain – is an absolute prerequisite for optimization.

Reducing energy consumption, using green energy sources and fuels

Our optimization measures are guided by two principles: Burn Less, which is about reducing energy consumption without changing the energy source. And Burn Clean, which involves the use of green energy sources and fuels, such as electric vehicles for pickup and delivery. By combining both of these approaches we can achieve optimum results.

We also involve our customers and logistics partners in the optimization process, working together to create greener and more efficient logistics processes at the regional, transregional and global level. We also partner with technology partners and participate in various initiatives, as well as initiate our own innovative solutions. This gives us a wealth of experience and know-how in all areas of green logistics.

In addition, our Group-wide Investment Policy requires that any new acquisitions are more carbon efficient or environmentally friendly than existing assets.

Green milestones