Human rights & employee relations

Our Code of Conduct, in which we have embedded our values and policies, serves as an ethical compass to guide us in how we treat one another within the Group. In the Code, we clearly and expressly reject all forms of forced labor or child labor, respect the right of our employees to join or not to join a union/employee representation of their choice, and recognize and respect the right to collectively bargain in accordance with applicable law.

Our dedicated Human Rights Policy Statement complements Deutsche Post DHL Group’s Code of Conduct, the basis and benchmark for all guidelines and regulations that ensure responsible and ethically irreproachable conduct within the Group. The Human Rights Policy Statement reflects our current operational values and procedures considering the requirements of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

In addition, our Supplier Code of Conduct obligates our suppliers to respect the same ethical values and goals as ourselves, and to enforce them in their own supply chains. 

Human rights as a component of employee relations

Our workforce comprises employees from various regions and cultures. Thus, it is essential that we create a common understanding with regard to respecting human rights and providing fair working conditions. We expect our managers to lead by example and to adopt an open and respectful approach when dealing with their employees. For this reason, we have made the Code of Conduct an integral component of our employment contracts with our managers.

The Employee Relations Forum (ER Forum) ensures that human rights are respected at Deutsche Post DHL Group. The Forum also assists local-level managers in implementing these solutions and measures by facilitating exchange among the divisions at regional and country level.

Dialogue within Europe

The Deutsche Post DHL Forum, a European works council by agreement comprising employee representatives and management representatives from 30 European countries, and its committees address key issues and how they impact the Group’s business growth in Europe. Topics include issues such as organizational change and the introduction of new work and production processes. The UNI Global Union federation and the European Transport Workers’ Federation are each entitled to send a representative to participate in the Deutsche Post DHL Forum plenary sessions. These are held twice per year with the Board Member for HR in attendance.

International dialogue

At the global level we engage in regular dialogue with the Global Union Federations such as the UNI Global Union (UNI) and the International Transport Workers’ Federation (IFT). Our discussions, which we have now been conducting for more than ten years, focus on employee relations issues of global importance and their impact on Deutsche Post DHL Group.

Dialogue with the European Social Dialogue Committee for the Postal Sector

As Europe’s biggest postal service provider Deutsche Post DHL Group is a member of the Brussels-based European Social Dialogue Committee for the Postal Sector and was appointed as Committee Chair at the end of 2016. The Committee discusses social issues with employers and union representatives from the postal sectors in Europe.


The 2019 Sustainability Report shows that every day, our employees bring the world together, united by one common purpose: “Connecting people, improving lives.”