Employee development

Discovering and promoting the potential of every one of our employees is an important function of our human resources management work. In the competition to recruit and retain the best of the best, we focus on two key factors: developing our employees and promoting women. Professional and personal development is a key prerequisite in motivating and retaining talented employees, and is thus vital to our business success. 

  • We offer employees and managers a comprehensive catalogue of further education and training opportunities. This ranges from a basic portfolio for all, to specialized training to meet the specific needs of the division or function involved. Further education and training programs are available to all employees provided that they have a permanent employment contract. Focus areas include life-long learning and preventive health programs to secure employees’ performance and motivation, as well as personal development plans with appropriate measures and training.

  • With our Group-wide Certified initiative, we aim to develop our staff into "certified" divisional specialists so that they are even better equipped to perform. Certified helps us to promote a culture of customer centricity. It also contributes to a common understanding of our business processes and the interconnected nature of all business units throughout the Group. To this end we offer foundation courses and subsequent modules, which are tailored to the business model and strategic orientation of the respective divisions.

  • In their function as role models for employees across the Group, we expect our managers not only to motivate employees but to show them how their work supports the company in the achievement of its objectives. The promotion of this management style serves as a central theme across all development measures. By signing our Code of Conduct, our managers also agree to live out the values contained in the Code and to guide their employees in doing the same.

    Our training portfolio also includes leadership seminars and development programs specially tailored to individual needs and respective divisional requirements. 


The 2019 Sustainability Report shows that every day, our employees bring the world together, united by one common purpose: “Connecting people, improving lives.”