Climate protection projects

We support climate protection projects around the world through the purchase of carbon credits, which allow us to offset the greenhouse gas emissions of customers who use our climate neutral GoGreen products and services.

When it comes to carbon offsetting, we insist on high standards and select climate protection projects based on their value for both the environment and the local communities. This way, our climate neutral GoGreen service does more than just help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It also allows us and our customers to make a lasting contribution to the sustainable development of lesser developed economies and improve lives in local communities around the world.

For GoGreen we invest in climate protection projects in various regions across the globe, supporting a mix of projects in the categories of "energy efficiency", "renewable energy" and "reforestation/afforestation". All projects must generate at least "VER Gold Standard" credits. For our forestry project in Uganda, we have chosen a comparable standard with a combination of VCS and CCBS.

Efficient stoves in Lesotho

In Lesotho we even launched our own climate projectundefined to help offset emissions for GoGreen customers. As part of this project, we work with partners to provide households with high-efficiency Save80 stoves, which use up to 80% less firewood. This not only helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions; it also greatly reduces health risks associated with wood smoke, limits deforestation and subsequent erosion, and reduces the time and effort required for collecting firewood.

The project was funded entirely by Deutsche Post DHL Group and carried out in cooperation with the nonprofit climate protection organization atmosfair and local partner Solar Lights.

All emissions calculations and offsets for the GoGreen program are verified annually by the independent auditing company Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS) in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Product Lifecycle Accounting and Reporting standard.

Our project wins the Energy Globe Award for Lesotho

In Lesotho, our Save80 stoves help families to improve cooking, and save emissions for customers using our climate-neutral GoGreen service. Our project jointly implemented with atmosfair and Solar Lights received the national Energy Globe Award for Lesotho.

No smoke with this fire: "Save80 Stoves" for Lesotho

We promote high quality climate protection projects around the world to offset emissions for its climate neutral services

Source: Shared Value | GoGreen, Deutsche Post DHL Group; Project portfolio 2018; CER: Certified Emission Reduction from CDM projects (Kyoto protocol); VER: Verified Emission Reduction; Gold Standard: High quality carbon credit label; VCS: Verified Carbon Standard; CCBS: The Climate, Community and Biodiversity Project Design Standards