Strong values

Ethical and ecological standards are of critical importance in the supply chain. Both at global and local level, dedicated teams at DPDHL Group are working to educate and empower the company’s vast supplier base to ensure the highest standards are met in line with the Group’s Supplier Code of Conduct.

This effort requires teamwork and close collaboration between colleagues at global and local levels. Cecilia Colabella Cencigh, Head of Global Procurement Governance, and Andrea Lattimore, Global Head of Compliance and Export Control DHL Supply Chain, are two experts who regularly work closely together to assure st andards and compliance are upheld within the Group’s supply chain.

The Group’s Supplier Code of Conduct sets a high standard of what we expect from our suppliers. How do you “keep it real” so that employees and suppliers can identify with it?
The Supplier Code of Conduct is a partnership. Internally, it is a process of collaboration between functions to ensure the collective values and expectations of suppliers are identified and understood. It is also about ensuring that every colleague understands that the values we expect of each other, we also expect of our suppliers. It’s about doing the right thing. From an external perspective, it’s about forging and sustaining strong partnerships: Collaboration with partners who align with our principles of high standards and ethics is not only key, it also supports our aims of being first choice for customers, employees and investors.

"We build sustainable, responsible supply chains."

How do you ensure compliance?
AL: Partnership with our suppliers goes beyond mere compliance. It’s about forging relationships which are built on strong values are developed through education, awareness, engagement and fostering collaborative improvement programs which help our suppliers become better responsible businesses. A good example is where DHL Supply Chain enables effective operations with a number of temporary labor suppliers who help us through operational peaks. In my capacity as Compliance Officer, I strive to ensure that our temporary staff are treated with respect and that their employers adopt and apply high labor standards, as outlined in our Supplier Code of Conduct, irrespective of where they are in the world. It is our responsibility to ensure the human rights and labor rights of individuals affected by our business.

And you’re seeing progress?
Yes. Of course, we are on a joint journey with our suppliers to build sustainable, socially and environmentally responsible supply chains. Training has played an important role in ensuring those of our employees who have contact with suppliers understand the importance of strong values within our supply chain. Meanwhile, a dialogue with our suppliers is essential in order for them to familiarize themselves with our standards before entering into contract negotiations. Our responsible supply chain enables us to make a difference – to “connect people and improve lives.” That is ultimately what drives this process forward.


The Corporate Responsibility Report 2018 underlines that diversity is the driving force behind the Group’s innovative strength, productivity and future success.