A logistics warehouse catwalk

As the examples demonstrate, DHL works at the interface between logistics and fashion in many different ways. But nothing illustrates this better than DHL's collaboration with the exclusive fashion startup VETEMENTS. In 2018, VETEMENTS, for the second time, presented a collection that incorporates the red and yellow elements of DHL's uniform - attractive fashion pieces based practical workwear.

Fashion Show
A new take on red and yellow: the "VETEMENTS x DHL Capsule Collection".

The "VETEMENTS x DHL Capsule Collection" includes t-shirts and skirts, as well as accessories such as socks and caps. "We clothe more than 200,000 employees worldwide for their daily work," says Arjan Sissing. "The VETEMENTS collection is a novel, whimsical interpretation of our workwear that also demonstrates how present we are in the everyday. At the same time, the collection recognizes the important role our logistics expertise plays in the fashion world." In February 2018, the red and yellow collection was aptly presented at DHL's ultra-modern Leipzig air hub on a makeshift catwalk between slides and conveyor belts.

The iconic red and yellow VETEMENTS collection represents the fusion of logistics and fashion. Around the world, DHL logistics helps keep the fashion business running. At the same time, its many activities and partnerships promote the success of the industry in other ways - and occasionally it stirs things up a bit.