Fashion logistics for online retailers and Fashion Weeks

The Grana story is a good example of effective collaboration between DHL and a fashion company. The Grana brand stands for affordable luxury, specializing in clothing made from the highest quality fabrics.

DHL Deliverer
As logistics partner for numerous Fashion Week events, DHL makes sure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes - despite the tremendous hustle, bustle and stress.

Made from Chinese silk, Mongolian cashmere or Peruvian pima cotton, Grana's products are now being sold in 70 countries through its online and pop-up stores. Not bad considering founder Luke Grana founded his company just three years ago! He attributes his success most of all to outstanding value for money. This was made possible thanks to an intelligent, streamlined business model which relied - from the beginning - on its close partnership with DHL Express. "Grana focused on e-commerce from the start, using a single distribution warehouse in Hong Kong from which clothes are sent to customers all around the world," explains Arjan Sissing, Head of Brand Marketing at Deutsche Post DHL Group. "DHL Express worked together with Grana to develop a model that allowed DHL Express to integrate Grana directly into our e-commerce systems." As Grana's logistics and e-commerce partner to this day, DHL makes sure Grana products reach their destinations both quickly and safely - a challenging task involving often expensive and delicate fabrics.

In addition to up-and-coming startups, established brands also rely on DHL's fashion logistics expertise. The Swedish fashion brand Lindex provides a good example. Founded in 1954, Lindex sells its women's and kids' wear in about 480  stores in 18 markets as well as online in about 30 markets. DHL Global Forwarding handles all freight transport in Lindex's highly complex network. 140 suppliers and 240 different production facilities are involved in manufacturing Lindex products, which then make their way to retail stores and end customers via the company's three distribution centers in Sweden, the Czech Republic and Saudi Arabia. DHL transports Lindex's collections by ship, air and rail, and also takes care of all related customs formalities.

The size and logistics needs of companies like Lindex and Grana are very different, but both demand the same high level of care, precision and punctuality. In fashion logistics, these are the decisive factors for customers of all sizes - from tiny fashion startups to global retail chains. They are especially important when tackling the biggest challenge of all in fashion logistics: the major international fashion show. For many years, DHL has served as Official Logistics Partner to famous fashion events, including London Fashion Week, Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo or the Cairo Fashion Festival. "Executing these kinds of events is a complex process with very tight timelines," says Vincenzo Scrudato, Head of DHL Trade Fairs & Events at DHL Freight. "We work behind the scenes, making sure, among other things, that collections arrive at the venue reliably and on time."