From Startup to Catwalk: How DHL is stirring up the fashion industry

At first glance, fashion and logistics don't have much in common. The world of fashion, on the one hand, is glitzy, highly creative and seems to be all about style, beauty and the latest trends. The transport and logistics industry - the world of trucks containers and pallets - is, on the other hand, highly pragmatic. But the two worlds have more in common than you might think. In both industries, factors such as time, precision and attention to detail play huge roles.


Fashion is a seasonal business driven by fast-moving trends. To succeed, a designer's collection must capture the spirit of the times. Moreover, timing is key to getting the collection onto the world's high-profile catwalks or into the popular boutiques and online stores. In fashion, both production and sales are highly globalized and time-sensitive processes, which is why customized logistics solutions are so important. With its longstanding experience in fashion logistics - including decades-long partnerships with important fashion companies, events and designers - DHL has developed highly specialized services and solutions for the industry. For its fashion-industry customers, DHL has long-since become more than just a logistics provider. DHL also promotes talented young designers, sponsors prestigious awards, and collaborates with associations, media companies and other institutions. DHL sees itself as more than just a service provider, but as a partner and enabler of a highly dynamic, international and creative industry.

In fashion logistics, special needs and requirements are the norm, which means that standard, off-the-shelf solutions are simply not an option. In short, the logistics needs of customers in fashion, retail and e-commerce are as unique as their products. These needs extend far beyond transport, which is why DHL offers online retailers comprehensive e-commerce services, and advises designers and fashion companies on topics from pricing to customs requirements. For brick-and-mortar boutiques and department stores, DHL services include delivery, sales prep and returns logistics solutions.