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Deutsche Post DHL Group staff embrace Diversity Week 2018 with activities around the globe

A week of workshops, presentations and other activities encourage dialogue and acceptance.

Diversity and inclusion are integral to the corporate culture at Deutsche Post DHL Group.

  • A week of workshops, presentations and other activities encourage dialogue and acceptance
  • Diversity management is of strategic importance for tapping potential within the Group

Bonn - Deutsche Post DHL Group is celebrating Diversity Week for the fifth consecutive year in 2018, participating with its own series of events hosted online and at locations around the world from June 4th to 8th. For Diversity Day, which is organized in Germany by an initiative called the Diversity Charter, the Group will bring together its global workforce in creative and inspiring ways for a whole week of activities. These will include centrally organized live chat sessions with top management in the internal social media channel, where employees are able to ask questions and submit their own thoughts on diversity in the workplace, as well as a myriad of local, employee-organized events around the world. Last year, more than 250 sites participated.

"With more than 520,000 employees in over 220 countries and territories worldwide, as well as people from 50 different nations working at our site in Bonn alone, we believe that celebrating our company's diversity for just one day is not enough. What really makes our Diversity Week so rousing is that it offers a platform for employees at all levels to engage and share their experiences. We are convinced that only with an open corporate culture that is an integral part of our identity year-round can we remain an innovative service provider and attractive employer. This approach allows us to embrace different perspectives and consolidate our long-term success," emphasizes Thomas Ogilvie, Board Member for Human Resources and Labor Director at Deutsche Post DHL Group.  

Each day during Diversity Week, a live event will be hosted online, beginning with a video statement from a leader within the company, followed by a live Q&A session, in which employees can share their thoughts and questions. These sessions will give employees of all levels from a multitude of countries a platform to connect with each other and exchange ideas.

Additional events, such as picnics, "escape room" scenarios, and workshops that focus on sharing experiences and learning about intercultural communication will be held at Deutsche Post DHL Group sites around the world. To help employees who wish to get involved and host their own events, a "Do It Yourself Box" was created and distributed, offering materials such as posters, a workshop format, and starter ideas that employees can implement or expand upon with their own creative touch. People are encouraged to share their activities in inventive ways, as via a video, poem or picture on a shared company group online, inspiring others and demonstrating support for people of all backgrounds and situations. As with last year, a number of videos will likely emphasize various cultural traditions. Colleagues can also share individual messages on the power of diversity using the hashtag #iamdiversity.

"As the most international company in the world, our staff and customers are forging far-reaching connections around the world every day, celebrating diversity not only with respect to different cultures and nationalities, but ages, people with disabilities, genders, and sexual orientations. Everyone at DHL has valuable ideas and skills to contribute, so embracing the diversity of our workforce is truly key to our success as a company. It's a special privilege to take this time to engage in global discussions on why coming together and accepting our differences can be so powerful and beneficial," adds Ogilvie.

Diversity and inclusion are integral to the corporate culture at Deutsche Post DHL Group, as exemplified by the companies motto for diversity, "All Different - Together Successful" The Group is also expressly committed to providing equal opportunities, which is emphasized in the Code of Conduct and the Corporate Diversity & Inclusion Statement. Thanks to its efforts to achieve workplace equality, the Group has been included in the two renowned diversity indices Thomson Reuters IX Global Diversity & Inclusion Index and the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index. Since 2010, Deutsche Post DHL Group has been a signatory and member of the Diversity Charter, a corporate initiative to promote recognition, appreciation and integration of diversity into Germany's business culture. In addition, the Group is a member of the Diversity Network of the Rhine-Ruhr region.

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