09/28/2017, 12:30 PM CEST

"F1 in Schools": DHL supports international technology competition for students

The competition is designed to get students excited about science, math, engineering and technology and help support them in developing their talents.

On behalf of DHL, Christopher Ong, Managing Director DHL Express Malaysia and Brunei, presented the "Enterprise Portfolio Award" to team "Pioneers" from Germany.

  • International competition aims to attract young talents to the sciences, math, engineering and technology
  • Competition challenges students between the ages of 9 and 19 to design and build miniature Formula 1 cars
  • At this year's final in Malaysia, first prize went to "Hyperdrive" from Australia
  • As official logistics partner for Formula 1, DHL brings extensive know-how to its new partnership with "F1 in Schools"

Kuala Lumpur,Bonn - As of this year, DHL is the official logistics partner of the international technology competition organized by the "F1 in Schools" education initiative. The competition, which took place for the 13th time in 2017, is designed to get students between the ages of nine and 19 excited about science, math, engineering and technology and help support them in developing their talents. Working in teams, the students are tasked with designing and building a miniature version of a Formula 1 race car and then sending it into competition. The mini race cars are developed using CAD software, built from the F1 in Schools model block, and powered by compressed air.

The competition exposes each team to the kinds of challenges faced by real Formula 1 development teams - creating a business plan, designing with CAD software, conducting aerodynamics analysis using a virtual wind tunnel, computer-aided production, multiple test drives and final presentation of the model, to name a few.  "Participants need to apply scientific methods and tools such as CAD and CAM software, and be able to work well as a team," explains Andrew Denford, founder and chairman of "F1 in Schools". "To win, a team needs to demonstrate its ability to work together and perform in all aspects of the challenge - design, production, reaction time, speed, business plan and presentation."

At this year's final, which took place before the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and included a total of 51 teams competing, first prize went to team "Hyperdrive" from Australia. On behalf of DHL, Christopher Ong, Managing Director DHL Express Malaysia and Brunei, presented the "Enterprise Portfolio Award" to team "Pioneers" from Germany. "We are proud to be the official logistics partner for the competition and to have this opportunity to encourage young people around the world to be excited about math, science and technology," says Ong. "And we're especially pleased to see that the number of girls participating this year is nearly one third of the total. This is a positive development for a host of reasons and as one of the largest employers worldwide, the Group benefits from highly educated and motivated women in the sciences and technology."

Logistics partner with Formula 1 experience

"F1 in Schools" is the largest education initiative worldwide, having reached more than 20 million students in 40 countries. Building on the popularity of Formula 1 and its strong presence around the world, the initiative aims to improve young peoples' understanding of science and technology, and point the way to possible career opportunities in these areas. And because Formula 1 is official sponsor and supporter of the competition, participants also benefit from special behind-the-scenes insights, such as visits to driver paddocks or Formula 1 production facilities.

DHL's partnership with "F1 in Schools" adds to Deutsche Post DHL Group's extensive activity in the area of corporate responsibility. The Group's GoTeach program, for example, helps improve education and employability for children and young people around the world, and contributes to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - especially Goal 4 ("Quality Education") and Goal 17 ("Partnerships for the Goals").

The partnership with "F1 in Schools" benefits from DHL's extensive expertise in motor sport logistics. Active in motorsport for over 35 years, DHL has been official logistics partner of Formula 1 since 2004, ensuring that the super high-performance cars get the engines, fuel, oil, tires, transmission technologies and other equipment they need - delivered safely and on time via ocean, land and air transport to the circuit's 20 race venues worldwide. The cargo consists of some 2,000 tonnes per race. "The partnership with 'F1 in Schools' is a logical extension of our decades-long involvement in Formula 1," says Christopher Ong. Founder and chairman Andrew Denford also expressed his enthusiasm for the new partnership: "DHL is the perfect logistics partner for our project. In addition to its longtime experience in motorsport logistics, we also share a common goal: to prepare children for the future. We're very pleased indeed to have gained DHL as a partner for 'F1 in Schools'."

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