11/27/2017, 09:00 AM CET

Formula One®, DHL awards presented to Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes-AMG Petronas

DHL once again presented the Fastest Lap and Fastest Pit Stop Awards for this year's Formula One season at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Mads Sorensen, DHL Fastest Lap winner of the inaugural F1 eSports Series presented the DHL Fastest Lap Award to Lewis Hamilton at the 2017 Formula 1 Etihad Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

  • Lewis Hamilton wins the 2017 DHL Fastest Lap Award for the highest number of fastest racing laps over the course of this year's FIA Formula One World ChampionshipTM
  • Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport receives the DHL Fastest Pit Stop Award for consistently achieving the fastest pit stops during the season

Bonn - DHL, the official logistics partner of Formula One®, once again presented the Fastest Lap and Fastest Pit Stop Awards for this year's Formula One season at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Lewis Hamilton was honored as the driver with the highest number of fastest laps over the 20 Grand Prix races this year, while the award for the shortest service times, and consistently excellent team performance in the pits went to Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport.

DHL Fastest Lap Award

Lewis Hamilton was not only the overall champion of this year's Formula One season; he was also the driver with the fastest lap in the most races. This is the third time Hamilton has been awarded the DHL Fastest Lap Award, having previously won the accolade in both 2014 and 2015. The title passes to Hamilton from last year's winner, Nico Rosberg, so that Hamilton is now tied in the overall rankings with previous record holder Sebastian Vettel.

"It is never our specific target to set fastest lap in a race - so when we do, it is a sign of how quick our car has been in race conditions," said Lewis Hamilton. "It also shows the consistency of the Pirelli tyres this year. These cars are the fastest we have ever driven in F1 - and it has been cool to set a few all-time lap records. They have been a challenge for us drivers to master, more physical to drive, and that is how it should be."

Since 2007, the DHL Fastest Lap Award has been presented to the driver with the highest number of fastest laps in a Formula One season. However, the 2017 season was especially exciting due to various rule changes, one of which being that wider tires and cars were permitted in the races for the first time this year. As a result of the new dimensions, the contact surface of the tires was increased by 25 percent. Wider front and rear wings created more downforce and thus enabled higher speeds. Drivers and teams were able to achieve even faster lap times than in previous years, with new lap records set on no less than eleven races during the season.

DHL Fastest Pit Stop Award

This year's DHL Fastest Pit Stop Award went to Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport, marking the first time the team has received the accolade. Presented since 2015, the award honors the outstanding behind-the-scenes team performances that play a key role in driver success. Pit stops require speed, cooperation and efficiency - attributes that are also crucial to DHL.

A new points system was introduced in 2017 for the DHL Fastest Pit Stop Award, stimulating even keener competition between the teams on the racetrack and in the pit: The award does not just go to the team with the fastest pit stop, but to the team that most consistently achieves the fastest pit stops over the course of a given season - an achievement that has become an even greater challenge with the concurrent introduction of wider, heavier tires in Formula One.

Just like the points system for the driver and constructor championships, each team and each driver is evaluated on the basis of their respective fastest pit stop results in each of the races. The ten fastest pit stops are awarded points on a scale of one to 25: According to the new rules, the fastest pit stop receives 25 points, while the tenth fastest receives one. The overall winner was Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport gaining the highest number of points for the entire season, a total of 472 points. The best time in the individual ranking was achieved by Williams Martini Racing with a pit stop time of 2.02 seconds in the British Grand Prix.

"The pit-stop is a crucial moment of the race and can make the difference between winning and losing," said Ross Brawn, Managing Director, Motorsports at Formula 1. "It's not only a matter of how fast a crew can change the tyres each race, but also how consistent they are throughout the season. By winning the 2017 DHL Fastest Pit Stop, Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team proved to be the most consistent and the best in class this season, so congratulations to them!"

DHL handles the "race behind the races"

"Formula 1 races demand exceptional teamwork and the utmost concentration from everyone involved as just fractions of a second can determine victory or defeat," says Nour Suliman, CEO DHL Express Middle East and North Africa. "This passion is the pivotal link in our longstanding, successful partnership: We love what we do and we always want to deliver top performance."

At the 2017 FIA Formula 1 World Championship, 25 of the best race drivers in the world once again achieved outstanding results over the course of 20 races, held in just nine months across five continents. This tight schedule is the "race behind the races" for the experienced global motorsport specialists at DHL. Planning and implementation are orchestrated down to the last detail thanks in no small part to the team's enormous dedication and expertise, ensuring  that the behind-the-scenes racing world stays on the right track.

DHL is the official logistics partner of Formula One and, for more than 35 years, has been playing a key role in ensuring that the race cars, spare parts, marketing gear and hospitality equipment are delivered on time for the cars to take up their positions on the grid as the championship moves from one international circuit to the next - a process that entails the transport of approximately 2,000 metric tons of freight each year. In order to make this happen, DHL relies first and foremost on environmentally efficient multi-modal transport solutions via land and ocean freight. The logistics partnership also provides the company with excellent opportunities to further develop special logistics solutions that benefit customers in affiliated motorsport segments, the automotive industry and other sectors further afield.

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