06/02/2016, 10:30 AM CEST

DHL launches new logistics site at Hanover Airport

DHL Express combines service station and European gateway in a EUR 32.5 Million facility to improve production processes.

In addition to the site in Hanover, multiple production sites in Germany have already been fundamentally modernized and expanded.

  • Express combines service station and European gateway in a EUR 32.5 Million facility to improve production processes

Bonn - DHL Express Germany has officially opened its new site at Hanover Airport. With an overall floor space of about 30,000 square meters, two formerly separate production sites were consolidated: the service station, from which DHL Express dispatched time definite deliveries for national road and international air networks, and the gateway for day-definite shipments that were transported across the European road network.

"With this new highly modernized site we now have an overall production space of about 6,000 square meters. This represents a doubling of the space previously available. Apart from that we have integrated a fully automated sort that is able to process 6,000 parcels per hour," said Wolfgang P. Albeck, Chairman of the Divisional Board of DHL Express Germany, describing the operational advantages of the EUR 32.5 Million investment. "This allows us to harmonize production processes for the different service offerings in a way that all three shipment flows can be processed simultaneously by the same system." Additionally, transit traffic between the two sites is eliminated, which is beneficial for the environment as well. "On the whole, we achieve more efficient processing and can deliver a higher service quality for our clients in the region," said Albeck.

Apart from this, about 200 employees at the site will benefit from the modern site, with workplaces equipped according to the latest ergonomic standards. The logistics center has four so-called 'fingers' with direct loading and unloading capabilities for delivery trucks. Express shipments are transported directly to the relevant gate via the sort, so that drivers can load the vehicle with less physical effort. The offices and social areas are also considerably more modern and comfortable. Furthermore, energy-saving materials have been used during the construction: for example, the hall lighting is equipped with LEDs. Additionally, the site corresponds to the security requirements of the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) and has obtained the globally recognized TAPA class A-certification.

The new building of DHL Express in Hanover is part of an extensive infrastructure development program in Germany. In addition to this site, multiple production sites in Germany such as Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Nuremberg, Freiburg and Mannheim have already been fundamentally modernized and expanded.