06/07/2016, 11:00 AM CEST

Deutsche Post DHL Group is organizing a variety of events in support of Germany's Diversity Day

This is the fourth time that Deutsche Post DHL Group has used Germany's Diversity Day as the impetus for a series of events around the globe.

Ralph Wondrak, Regine Büttner, Wolfgang Jokusch, Melanie Kreis, Aletta von Hardenberg at the DHL Hub Leipzig*

  • Charter of Diversity: Diversity Workshop 2016 invited to DHL Hub in Leipzig

Bonn - Deutsche Post DHL Group employs around 500,000 employees at close to 12,000 locations in 220 countries and territories. The Post Tower in Bonn alone is home to people from 50 different nations. Its workforce originates from a variety of cultural circles and backgrounds - making the topic of diversity a significant component of its corporate culture. Working under the motto "All different, together successful," Deutsche Post DHL Group issued a voluntary declaration on the topic of diversity and inclusion, praising it as a significant piece of the company's success.

Melanie Kreis , Board Member for HR and Labor Management at Deutsche Post DHL Group, noted: "Diversity and inclusion are a fundamental component of our corporate culture and a tremendous strength. Our almost 500,000 employees work in over 220 countries and territories worldwide. Their knowledge, their talents and perspectives are what make us successful. It thus very important for us to honor this diversity and individuality with tolerance and respect."

This is the fourth time that Deutsche Post DHL Group has used Germany's Diversity Day as the impetus for a series of events around the globe in the weeks surrounding the day itself (June 7, 2016). 120 different events were held in 2015 alone, all intended to promote understanding of diversity and inclusion among the workforce. Colleagues are once again using the campaign to explore how to implement diversity in their work. The events range from podium discussions on diversity management to activities focusing on women in leadership roles or generational diversity. Local cultural events have also been planned, such as shared meals featuring national dishes and days where traditional national garments are worn to work.

"Charter of Diversity" workshop invited to DHL Hub in Leipzig this year

To commemorate its 10th anniversary, the Charter of Diversity has organized a mobile diversity workshop at 10 locations in Germany. The second station this year is the DHL Hub in Leipzig. Company representatives and interested parties can join in the diversity management workshops and expert panels to be held here from June 7-9. The events are suitable for both those familiar with the issue and those without specific diversity training. Participants can expect surveys of the state of diversity within the region, discussions of equal opportunities for men and women and how people with disabilities can be integrated into the workplace. Other focal points of the workshops include topics such as best practices for successful training and employment of foreign workers and how companies can prepare themselves most effectively for the coming demographic changes.

The charter of diversity is a corporate initiative to promote diversity in companies and institutions. The initiative is intended to advance recognition, respect and inclusion of diversity in Germany's corporate culture. All employees should enjoy respect - regardless of gender, nationality, ethnic background, religion or worldview, disability, age, sexual orientation or identity. Deutsche Post DHL Group is a signatory and member of the Charter of Diversity movement since 2010.

* from left: Ralph Wondrak (CEO DHL Hub Leipzig), Regine Büttner (EVP HR Global & Europe at DHL Express), Wolfgang Jokusch (Presenter), Melanie Kreis (Board Member for HR and Labor Management at Deutsche Post DHL Group), Aletta von Hardenberg (CEO "Charta der Vielfalt")