09/18/2015, 11:00 AM CEST

DHL's Resilience360 tool honored at "Land of Ideas 2015" initiative

Out of more than 1,000 applications, DHL’s risk management solution Resilience360 has been recognized as one of the 100 best "German innovations for a digital world".

Lothar Meenen, Tobias Larsson, Bill Meahl, Ariane Derks¹

  • "Resilience in the Land of Ideas" conference at DHL Innovation Center showcases best practices in supply chain risk management

Bonn - DHL has been honored by the "Germany - Land of Ideas" initiative: Out of more than 1,000 applications, DHL's risk management solution Resilience360 has been recognized as one of the 100 best "German innovations for a digital world". The tool received the award in the "Landmarks in the Land of Ideas" competition and convinced the judges alongside innovative e-health projects, ideas for "smart living" and educational initiatives.

"We are delighted to receive the award for our Resilience360 solution", said Tobias Larsson, Head of Resilience360, DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation. "Our extensive logistics expertise enables us to provide our customers with a risk management tool that helps them to identify disruptions in their supply chains and react immediately to avoid negative impacts on their business. Having alternative strategies at hand, companies can respond quickly and effectively and continue to serve their customers."

Resilience360, the first of its kind in the industry, is an end-to-end supply chain risk management platform that alerts customers about global incidents and risks to their global supply chain in almost real time - enabling customers to maintain an advantage over their competitors by immediately responding to incidents and pre-empting or minimizing business interruption. Since its launch in 2014, Resilience360 has been used by dozens of customers across Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Peter Schonefeld, Head of Supply Chain Management, Schmitz Cargobull, said: "With Resilience360, we're able to gain better visibility of our end-to-end supply chain and are now aiming to expand this view to our first tier suppliers and our outbound supply chains. By integrating the Incident Monitoring functionality into our supply and delivery processes, we are able to anticipate events and avoid disruptions. This gives us the ability to book alternative resources before the competition does in order to make the delivery of our customer order safe."

The German-wide "Landmarks in the Land of Ideas" competition, staged by the "Germany - Land of Ideas" initiative with Deutsche Bank, showcases exemplary ideas and projects developed in Germany. The goal is to publicize German innovations at home and abroad and to strengthen Germany's economic potential and future viability. Each year, the competition is devoted to a certain theme - this year's motto is "Urban Space. Rural Space. Cyberspace!". Since 2006, the competition has awarded prizes to more than 2,500 pioneering projects all over Germany.

Risk management conference

The award was officially handed over to DHL at the "Resilience in the Land of Ideas" risk management conference at the DHL Innovation Center in Troisdorf, Germany. The conference hosted discussions and workshops with supply chain and security experts who shared their experience and best practices, and demonstrated how to turn potential disruptions into a competitive advantage.


1 Lothar Meenen, Head of Trade Finance & Cash Management Corporates, Deutsche Bank; Tobias Larsson, Head of DHL Resilience360, DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation; Bill Meahl, Chief Commercial Officer, DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation; Ariane Derks, General Manager, Land der Ideen