10/16/2015, 11:00 AM CEST

Deutsche Post launches new POSTID portal for secure and convenient identity management

The new service represents the next generation of digital identity management and will benefit both corporations and their customers.

The POSTID portal sets standards for forward-looking identity management.

  • Corporations and private customers gain simpler and more convenient access to identification services
  • POSTID portal sets standards for forward-looking identity management
  • Bundling of all identification products on one platform
  • POSTID strengthens market position of Deutsche Post as No. 1 in identity management

Bonn - Deutsche Post is expanding its portfolio of identity management services through the launch of the POSTID portal. Located at www.postid.deundefined, the POSTID portal represents the next generation of digital identity management and will benefit both corporations and their customers.

Customers of companies using the POSTID portal can handle all their POSTIDENT processes, including the new digital-only process, on one single platform. The portfolio of services for private customers has been expanded accordingly and the identification process further simplified. This digital-only verification process allows each POSTID partner to transfer customer data easily into its own internal processes. It also extends the range and conversion rate for other business transactions. By integrating the POSTID portal into their workflows, companies gain access to the dynamic "Identity" market and can position themselves strategically for future trends in identity management.

Identify verification with POSTID

Consumers now have the option of activating a POSTID account, which involves one-time identify verification. Once completed, the user possesses a digital ID that eliminates the need for repeated identification verification online when shopping from vendors working with the POSTID portal. It also simplifies a wide of range of identity-sensitive activities on the internet, such as signing up for new cell phone contracts, joining carsharing services, offering one's services as a babysitter or viewing age-restricted video or games. The user retains complete ownership of sensitive stored information, including the right to review that data at any time and to specify which information may be used for which purposes.

"The launch of the POSTID portal represents an important milestone in the digitalization of our services for our business partners and their customers," says Thomas Hauck, Executive Vice President for Dialog Marketing, Identity Management and Digital Products at Deutsche Post. "Through this step, Deutsche Post has created new and convenient options when choosing between different identification verification methods. As a trusted partner in identification management, we support our customers in all areas. You can rely on us for secure and convenient solutions that work across all media."

Deutsche Post has already been offering companies identification verification of private customers for many years now, a necessary step in transactions such as opening online bank accounts. While to date this identification process has typically been handled at a Deutsche Post retail branch or by the mail carrier directly, 2015 saw the introduction of POSTIDENT via video chat - either from a home PC or using a mobile device and app. The identity verification process can also be initiated by reading in POSTIDENT data using the Germany's new personal ID card. The introduction of the POSTID portal expands Deutsche Post's identification portfolio to include another trailblazing service with a strong focus on convenience for business and private customers.

For business customers, further information about POSTIDENT are also available at www.postident.deundefined.