06/09/2015, 11:00 AM CEST

Deutsche Post DHL Group organizes 120 different events in support of Germany's Diversity Day

To mark Germany's third Diversity Day, Deutsche Post DHL Group will reflect on the topic of "Diversity in the Working World."

The Group views the diversity of its employees as a business advantage.

  • Melanie Kreis, Board Member for HR: "Successful teams are diverse - diverse teams are successful"
  • For the third straight year: Standing up for diversity and against discrimination

Bonn - To mark Germany's third Diversity Day, Deutsche Post DHL Group will reflect on the topic of "Diversity in the Working World." Over 120 separate events spanning all continents have been organized for the week around Diversity Day. The events are intended to raise awareness and stress the value of diversity to the Group's employees and staff. "Diversity inherently involves respect for others, and the ways in which we interact," adds Melanie Kreis, Board Member for HR at Deutsche Post DHL Group. To reflect this, Deutsche Post DHL Group signed a "Charter of Diversity" back in 2007. These actions to promote equal opportunity and diversity managementundefined have earned the corporate offices in Germany five Total E-Quality certificates, to date. The Group was recognized internationally as well: For example, DHL Supply Chain was cited in a Times Magazine list as one of the ten most popular employers for women, and in 2014 the British initiative "Business in the Community (BITC)" names them as one of the ten leading private sector corporations for gender equality.

"Diverse teams tend to be more successful"

Deutsche Post DHL Group is present in over 220 countries and territories worldwide and employs over 480,000 people from a broad mix of cultures and nationalities. Its workforce include men and women of all ages, members of a great number of different religions, confessions and world views, people with different sexual orientations and employees with and without disabilities. "Our employees reflect the wider world population," says Melanie Kreis.

The Group views the diversity of its employees as a business advantage. "Experience shows that successful teams tend to be diverse. The corollary is also true: diverse teams tend to be more successful," Kreis notes. "Unlike homogeneous teams, they view tasks from various viewpoints and form solutions that are more comprehensive, innovative and efficient." The Group also sees proactive diversity management as a tool for raising its attractiveness as an employer, a crucial part of securing its long-term success.

Attractiveness and success thanks to proactive diversity management

The Diversity Day events within Deutsche Post DHL Group cover all dimensions of diversity management. They account for factors such as age, gender, sexual orientation, religion and world view, ethnicity and physical capabilities. The Group takes an inclusive approach to accommodating disabled persons within the workplace, for example. Deutsche Post AG employed 14,741 employees with disabilities in 2014, a rise of 571 over the prior year. The 9.1% employment rate is more than twice the average for the private sector in Germany.

The company's diversity is also celebrated through the over 120 different activities planned throughout the Group on Diversity Day itself. In Germany, for example, discussion groups will be held to provide a forum for younger and older workers to discuss their experiences. At DHL Express in Japan, participants in the "Women in Leadership" program will reflect on their experiences before an audience of young entry-level women. In 2014, 19.3% of all middle and upper level management positions were held by women Group-wide. This share is expected to grow. In France some 350 employees have been invited to a "Couscous Party." The gastronomical event against xenophobia will feature shared cooking, followed by communal eating. The Rainbownet, a network for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersexual (LGBTI) employees within the Group, will also be taking part in the day's events.