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"Living Logistics" delves deep into stories that will move and surprise you –  and introduce you to people who are doing meaningful work, stepping up sustainable living and making transport networks greener than you might expect.

Episode 5: Bees taking off in Brussels

  • Meet two people who've been bitten by the beekeeping bug. Jan Beullens keeps hives at his workplace, a warehouse near Brussels Airport. Raluca Witowski-Berthold started beekeeping on the balcony of an apartment building. She gives practical tips for the beginning beekeeper.

    Join us on a visit to two urban beekeeping enthusiasts: Jan Beullens has placed beehives on the grounds of a DHL warehouse close to the Brussels airport, and other DHL properties besides. Beullens was supported by DHL in his mission to spread the word about bee conservation. His efforts help the environment thrive, while providing a sweet message of sustainability to DHL's customers, too.

    You'll also meet Raluca Witowski-Berthold. An early convert to urban beekeeping, she offers tips for the beginning beekeeper and explains why keeping a colony on an apartment balcony is such a rewarding task.

    Listen to the podcast to find out why bees are so important to the future of the planet, how beekeeping and environmentalism go hand in hand – and what NOT to do if a bee crawls into your pants.

    More bad buzz for bees: Record number of honeybee colonies died last winter
    Bees: Many British pollinating insects in decline, study shows
    Bees are dying, but there is one thing we can do

    Buzz: The Nature and Necessity of Bees,  Thor Hanson
    The Bee Manual: The Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Keeping Bees (New Ed), Claire Waring, Adrian Waring, and Bill Turnbull

Episode 4: Green at heart

  • Saving the environment and halting climate change? It's a tall order – so can any one person's actions really make a difference? Meet DHL employees around the world who are proving just how big an impact each one of us can have.

    Approximately 550,000 people work for Deutsche Post DHL Group. Taken together, this huge family of employees can make a significant contribution to protecting the environment and keeping climate change in check. Realizing this, the company responded with its own sustainability program: GoGreen. One goal of the program is to certify 80% of employees as environment experts – called "GoGreen Specialists" – over a five-year period. This aims to help Deutsche Post DHL Group achieve its target of net-zero logistics emissions by the year 2050.

    In this episode, we focus on DHL's effort to promote greater awareness for climate and environment issues. And we introduce you to employees around the world who are already green at heart – fully committed to the GoGreen cause. Come meet the people who fish garbage out of the ocean in Malaysia, plant trees in Prague, and monitor air quality in Milan.

    Project Aware
    Scuba Junkie Malaysia blog

Episode 3: Sunshine in your tank

Episode 2: Rotterdam, green and growing

  • A big city with CO2-neutral transportation? That may sound like science fiction, but it’s becoming a reality in Rotterdam. A trip through The Netherlands’ second largest city shows what governments, companies and residents can achieve when they work together to create green, urban logistics.

    Rotterdam is home to Europe’s largest container port. Some 136,000 ships docked in the busy harbor in 2018. Traffic and congestion are also a part of everyday life, making air pollution a major cause for concern. That’s why the city of Rotterdam is working closely with local companies and residents to create innovative and green urban solutions.

    In a low-emission tour of Rotterdam, we look at how logistics company DHL is working closely with Rotterdam’s city council to reduce emissions and implement sustainable green solutions. With e-transporters, e-trucks and e-bicycles, the company has already achieved emissions-free, last-mile deliveries.

    City Government - Rotterdam
    Port of Rotterdam

    The 500 hidden secrets of Rotterdam, Saskia Naafs

Episode 1: Forklifts. Typhoons. Lemurs.

  • Whether in Madagascar, the Bahamas or Sweden – help is needed in many places. Meet people who get involved and help make the world a better place.

    How do young people in Madagascar find a foothold in the world of work? How do people in the Bahamas rebuild after disaster strikes? And how do refugees learn to adapt to living in a new land? We traveled to Madagascar and Sweden and also met two DHL employees who offer their help on the ground after natural disasters.

    This episode is about the kind of heroes who don’t wear capes. Who do more than just their daily jobs. Who volunteer their time to help those in need. It's about getting involved and making the world a better place. It’s also about lemurs.

    Improving employability
    SOS Children’s Villages and Deutsche Post DHL Group
    Disaster management
    The UN Refugee Agency – UNHCR

Teaser: Sustainable. Responsible.

  • Living Logistics delves deep into stories that will move and surprise you –  and introduce you to people who are doing meaningful work, stepping up sustainable living and making transport networks greener than you might expect.
    Living Logistics is produced by the Central Editorial Team and the Digital Communications Team within the Communication, Sustainability & Brand department at Deutsche Post DHL Group in Bonn, Germany.

    Jobs & Career at Deutsche Post and DHL: https://www.dpdhl.com/career

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