Our finance strategy calls for paying out 40% to 60% of net profit as dividends as a general rule. The Annual General Meeting on May 4, 2023, decided a dividend of €1.85 per share for fiscal year 2022 for shareholders (previous year: €1.80). The payout ratio in relation to the consolidated net profit attributable to Deutsche Post AG shareholders amounts to 41.1%. The net dividend yield based on the year-end closing price for our shares is 5.3%.

The fiscal year 2022 dividend of €1.85 per no-par-value share carrying dividend rights will generally be disbursed by the custodian banks less 25% capital gains tax (investment income tax), 5.5% solidarity surcharge on the capital gains tax and, if applicable, church tax on the capital gains tax.

The dividend was paid to shareholders by their custodian banks via Clearstream Banking AG beginning on May 9, 2023.

Development of total dividend and dividend per no-par value share for the years 2015 until 2021

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