Q4/FY 2019 Reporting

March 10, 2020 – Conference Call

Dr Frank Appel (CEO) and Melanie Kreis (CFO) presented and explained the Group financial results for the reporting period during a conference call on March 10, 2020.

In financial year 2019, Deutsche Post DHL Group succeeded in increasing revenue in all divisions. Group EBIT came to €4.1 billion, meaning that we reached the higher profit target that we had defined during the course of 2019. Earnings benefitted significantly from the effects of the restructuring activities in the Post & Parcel Germany division. The Global Forwarding, Freight and Supply Chain divisions also reported higher earnings thanks to profitability improvements. In the new eCommerce Solutions division, earnings were negatively impacted by restructuring costs. Express continued to see strong growth, and the measures underway to revamp the division’s intercontinental fleet will increase the Express division’s already high productivity levels even further. Given the capital expenditure of €3.6 billion, we are very satisfied with the performance of free cash flow. All in all, the Board of Management assesses the Group’s financial position as being very sound.

Selected key figures financial year 2019

+/–% Q4 2018
Q4 2019
61,550 63,341 2.9 16,926 16,956 0.2
Profit from operating activities (EBIT) €m
3,162 4,128 30.6 1,134 1,258 10.9
Return on sales1) % 5.1 6.5 6.7 7.4
EBIT after asset charge (EAC) €m
716 1,509 >100 509 595 16.9
Consolidated net profit for the period2) €m
2,075 2,623 26.4 813 858 5.5
Free cash flow €m
1,059 867 –18.1 1,307 1,163 –11.0
Net debt3) €m
12,303 13,367 8,6
Return on equity before taxes % 19.3 24.6
Earnings per share4) 1.69 2.13 26.0 0.66 0.70 6.1
Dividend per share 1.15 1.255)
Number of employees6)   547,459 546,924 –0.1
After deduction of non-controlling interests.
Calculation see Combined Management Report, page 45.
Basic earnings per share.
Headcount at the end of the year, including trainees.

Q4/FY 2019 results wrap-up

Martin Ziegenbalg (Head of Investor Relations) presents Q4/FY2019 results in a brief video.

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