Deutsche Post DHL Group is implementing Coupa as its global eProcurement platform

What is Coupa?

We’ve chosen Coupa as our eProcurement platform, which provides a supplier portal and notification functions [SAN] free of charge for all our suppliers.

Coupa enables fully electronic exchange of purchase orders (PO), PO acknowledgements and invoices within one platform. It also allows suppliers to upload and manage their catalog content and their company information.

What are the benefits of joining Coupa?

  • No fees: All functionalities including catalog management, electronic order and invoicing process are free of charge.
  • Time saving: No need to call or email to query about your POs and invoices. With Coupa you gain real-time visibility into your order and invoice payment status.
  • Direct communication: The chat within the system allows you to speak to the right person directly within Deutsche Post DHL Group.
  • Ease of use and error reduction: Use PO-flip function to automatically convert your POs into invoices with one click. In this way your invoice will be posted and paid on time.
  • Improved visibility: Find all Deutsche Post DHL Group orders and related invoices in CSP portal.
  • Reduce paper: Adopting electronic communication will support your sustainability roadmap. With the use of Coupa we enable you to run a full PTP process electronically.

Implementation schedule

Deutsche Post DHL Group is a wide-scale organization, and on our Coupa project, we are following a multi-stage implementation approach.

  • Go Live 3rd of April 2023:
    DHL Global Forwarding (France) SAS*
  • Go Live July 2023:
    Deutsche Post Customer Service Center GmbH (Germany)
    Deutsche Post IT Services GmbH (Germany)
    DHL eCommerce Solutions (US)

Further rollout dates will be confirmed throughout 2023.

* Please be advised that DHL Global Forwarding (France) will not use invoicing via Coupa at this time. Invoicing process for DHL Global Forwarding (France) will not change.


Transacting method overview

There are three major ways in which you can transact with Deutsche Post DHL Group via Coupa:


Supplier Actionable Notifications (SAN)

Coupa Supplier Portal

cXML integration

  • Receive POs via email and directly flip them into an invoice
  • No need to register or create an account
  • Receive your POs in a centralized inbox
  • Create and upload catalogs for your customers
  • Take advantage of being part of a vast Coupa network to uncover new business opportunities
  • Integrate PO, invoice, and punch-out catalog exchange directly with Deutsche Post DHL Group
  • Requires resources to set-up, but unlocks substantial savings through automation
  • Intended for:
  • Simple solution suitable for most small and mid-sized suppliers
  • Suitable for most mid-sized and large suppliers
  • Suitable for suppliers with exceedingly high transactional volumes
  • If you are interested in setting up a cXML integration with Deutsche Post DHL Group, please contact


    Joining Coupa Supplier Portal

    • Invite and registration process
    • Merging accounts
    • Adding users to your Coupa account
    • Registering via PO

    Purchase Order Management

    • Receive and view PO via CSP
    • Receive and view PO via SAN
    • Acknowledge PO via CSP
    • Acknowledge PO via SAN
    • PO statuses and what they mean
    • How to use forms

    Invoice Management (coming soon)

    • Creating an invoice
    • Creating a credit note
    • Creating legal entities
    • Invoice statuses

    Catalog Management

    • Managing Catalogs in CSP
    • Creating a Catalog in CSP
    • Creating Individual Catalog Items





    • For queries related to the enablement process, account registration and invites, please contact:
    • For queries related to purchase orders, please get in touch with the Deutsche Post DHL Group contact person indicated on the Purchase Order.
    • For queries related to the invoices and payments, please follow the instructions on the Purchase Order in the ‘bill to’ section.
    • For technical issues related to the Coupa platform, visit: