Strategy 2025

Delivering excellence in a digital world

A world powered by logistics – a company powered by people

Our world depends on logistics. As global logistics leader, the Group connects people and markets and is an enabler of global trade. The four most important trends that have been impacting logistics in recent years will also shape the industry going forward: Globalization, Digitalization, E-Commerce and Sustainability. With our Strategy 2025, we're on track to continuing our success story.

"Strategy 2025 - Delivering excellence in a digital world" is laying the foundation to continue the successful growth trajectory of the world's leading logistics company, DHL Group. The company will be focusing even more consistently on harnessing the sustained potential for profitable long-term growth contained in its core logistics businesses. Furthermore, it will be stepping up the digital transformation of the Group that is already underway in all business divisions.

Our purpose, vision, and values are the triad of a consistent strategy for our Group. These lasting elements are complemented by a renewed Group-wide commitment to excellence.

Our Mission: Excellence. Simply delivered.

We accomplish our mission with excellent execution along the three bottom lines in a sustainable way:

  • Employer of Choice
    Motivated and skilled employees deliver exceptional quality.
  • Provider of Choice
    Exceptional quality delights our Customers and leads to loyalty.
  • Investment of Choice
    Customer loyalty leads to profitable growth.

Enabled by our common DNA

Our common DNA supports our Mission as it provides the necessary  behaviors, tools, and programs to be excellent in every single one of our three bottom lines.

"The Group has never been in better shape. We are convinced that future growth will come from a consistent focus on our profitable core logistics businesses – and digitalization will become the greatest lever," said former CEO Frank Appel during the presentation of "Strategy 2025" in Frankfurt am Main.

Strategy 2025 in numbers

  • Investing EUR 2 billion cumulatively through to 2025 in digitalization to enhance customer experience, to improve employee experience as well as increase operational excellence
  • Expecting a yearly run rate benefit of at least EUR 1.5 billion by FY2025