Corporate Procurement

Effective purchasing management brings advantages for buyers and sellers

With an annual purchasing volume of about EUR 10 billion, purchasing has an important function in the Group. Moreover, we go beyond affordable payment terms in measuring success. Optimizing processes, effective management, the strategic selection of suppliers and cross-divisional bundling of demand are central to how we do business. In making decisions, we always aim to "procure" competitive advantages for the Group.

  • Missions and methods

    Our mission is to provide the optimal supply with the best possible quality at the right time, on budget and based on Total Cost of Ownership.

    Achieving this, is only possible with the support of our suppliers and systems partners, in view of possible technical simplifications, standardi-zations, or cost-reducing alternatives.


    • We work across countries and divisions.
    • Purchasing volume of Deutsche Post DHL Group totals about EUR 10 billion per year.
    • The procurement volume is organized in 16 global categories in the areas of IT & Telecommunications, Ground Fleet, Production Systems, Network Supplies and Services.

    The logical aim is to combine demand, speed up processes, reduce costs.

  • We think competitively - even when purchasing.

    It's in our interest to ensure that our selection procedures are fair. We make our decisions based on clear criteria that are comprehensible to all. The way we see it, the contracts that we conclude with our suppliers and service providers do not just regulate a current business relationship. We also see them as an excellent opportunity for you, as our partner, together with Deutsche Post DHL Group, to increase your own competitive ability and growth.
    General Purchasing Terms and Conditions (AEB) as basic principles of all business relations with Deutsche Post DHL Group

  • We have given ourselves a strict set of ethical values to guide us in our business dealings. We expect all our suppliers to adhere to the same ethical principles.
    The contents

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