Supply Chain Division

Tailor-made supply chain solutions

Our core business comprises tailor-made logistics services and supply chain solutions in order to reduce the complexity for our customers and to add value. We offer a broad product portfolio including warehouse operations and transport as well as value-added services such as eFulfillment and returns management, Lead Logistics Partner (LLP), Real Estate Solutions, Service Logistics and packaging solutions for strategic industry sectors. We offer modular solutions that allow our customers' operations to be more agile and more flexible to respond to changed supply chain needs.

Standardisation and use of innovative technologies

We are constantly striving to increase speed and agility along the entire supply chain through modular standardisation and the use of new technologies. State-of-the-art digital solutions are already used at more than 80 % of our locations, for example with some 2,000 collaborative robots and some 25,000 smart wearables deployed. In addition, we leverage data analytics to drive operational efficiencies and to enhance the customer experience. We are integrating physical and digital supply chain solutions.

Leading position in contract logistics

The global contract logistics market is estimated at around EUR215.4 billion for the year 2020. DHL is the global market leader in the fragmented market of contract logistics with a market share of 5.8 % (2020) and operations in more than 50 countries. The market share of the second-leading provider is only half as large.

Meeting or exceeding quality expectations

We continuously build upon our position as a quality leader in contract logistics. With the globally consistent operating standards of our "Operations Management System First Choice", we ensure that we either meet or exceed our customers' quality expectations and continuously improve. Thanks to our systematic follow-up on customer feedback, our satisfaction values (Net Promoter Approach) remain on a consistent high level.

Impacts of the pandemic on our business

The COVID-19 pandemic once again impacted the contract logistics market in 2021. In some parts, certain sectors were confronted with local lockdown measures and economic restrictions, thus the pandemic is accounting for global shortages such as semiconductor chips. We were able to manage our customers' supply chains well thanks to our flexibility, our standardised processes and our targeted data analyses.