eCommerce Solutions Division

Since financial year 2019, we have been pooling our international parcel delivery operations in our new eCommerce Solutions division. The new division is geared towards providing high-quality solutions, particularly to customers in the rapidly growing e-commerce sector.

Domestic and international non-time-definite parcel delivery

Our core business is domestic last-mile parcel delivery in selected countries in Europe, in Asian emerging markets, in the United States and in India and non-TDI cross-border services primarily to, from and within Europe, as well as to, from and within the United States.

The domestic last-mile parcel delivery service is provided via our own and partner networks, serving a mix of B2C and B2B customers across all sectors. Our non-TDI cross-border service provides worldwide shipping solutions to enable our customers to capitalise on strong growth in cross-border trade, whilst meeting their expectations for speed, transparency and quality. The DHL Parcel Connect platform is our delivery and returns solution developed especially for e-commerce in Europe, catering to both B2B and B2C, which simplifies pan-European cross-border shipping with a harmonised label, common IT systems, core features and local services.

Management of the business is centrally organised according to the regions in which we operate.

Satisfied customers and high level of delivery reliability

We focus on delivering industry-leading performance as well as quality and service excellence. Even against the background of the pandemic, operational challenges and volume increases, we succeeded in achieving an overall global delivery quality of 95 % (previous year: 94 %). Implementation of the Net Promoter Approach is also being prepared for the eCommerce division.

Impacts of the pandemic on our business

Besides the ongoing global shift from traditional retail businesses to e-commerce, the pandemic and pandemic-related factors have continued to accelerate the trend towards online shopping in 2021. Across all regions, we have seen increases in shipping volumes, especially in the B2C e-commerce sector.