Supplier Code of Conduct

Ethical standards for Deutsche Post DHL Group’s suppliers

Deutsche Post DHL Group has engrained sustainability into the company’s Strategy 2025 vision as the Group strives to be the Employer, Provider, and Investment of Choice – in a sustainable way. The Group is fully aware that its responsibility to ensure sustainable behavior extends to its supplier base. Thus, we have given ourselves a strict set of ethical standards to guide us in our business practices.

We expect all of our suppliers, including subcontractors, i.e. all companies who do business with any company or division of Deutsche Post DHL Group, to adhere to the same ethical standards. For this purpose, the Group has produced this Supplier Code of Conduct (SCoC), which sets the minimum standards for doing business with any Group company or Business Unit.

You can download the Deutsche Post DHL Group Supplier Code of Conduct as a PDF file. You can choose between the English and several other language versions below.

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Reporting misconduct or breaches of law

  • Deutsche Post DHL Group encourages anyone to report any violations from what is outlined in this Supplier Code of Conduct (SCoC).
  • In case you wish to report suspected breaches of law, you can contact the Compliance Management of Deutsche Post DHL Group via our portal.


Previous versions of the SCoC (as of 2016)