Deutsche Post DHL Group - at a glance

Deutsche Post DHL Group is the world’s leading mail and logistics company. The Group is focused on being the first choice for customers, employees and investors in its core business activities worldwide. It makes a positive contribution to the world by connecting people and enabling global trade while being committed to responsible business practices, purposeful environmental activities and corporate citizenship.

Under its Deutsche Post and DHL brands, the Group provides an international service portfolio consisting of letter and parcel dispatch, express delivery, freight transport, supply chain management and e-commerce solutions.

Deutsche Post DHL Group employs approximately 550,000 employees in over 220 countries and territories worldwide.

Our objective

Our strength in numbers:

  • We do business in more than 220 countries and territories.
  • We employ approximately 550,000 employees worldwide, making us one of the top 10 largest employers in the world.
  • We manage more than 1 million customer contacts per hour.
  • In 2018, Deutsche Post DHL Group generated revenues of more than 61 billion euros.

We want to stay the postal service for Germany and to become the logistics company for the world. We commit ourselves to making our customers, employees and shareholders more successful – without compromising on results. At the center of this is a two-pillar approach focused on mail and logistics services.

Deutsche Post will set its focus on service quality and introducing new products for electronic communications. For DHL, the focus is on creating tighter links between the DHL divisions in order to better address customer needs. The unit "DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation" will help drive the development of innovative ideas into marketable solutions. We will also be turning our attention to creating more industry-specific solutions for sectors such as life sciences and technology.


Two powerful brands

Deutsche Post DHL Group brings two powerful brands to the marketplace.

The Deutsche Post brand stands for personal proximity, reliable quality and groundbreaking services. Its success is built on the unique infrastructure in Germany, consistently high quality in the mail business and innovative services in the area of dialog marketing. For the growing e-commerce sector, we develop solutions for international shipments as well as we offer support to business customers to grow their online retail businesses.

The DHL brand stands for personal commitment, proactive solutions and local strength in the parcel business as well as in international express, logistics and mail operations. Our employees, who focus on customers’ needs and provide them with individually customized solutions, help secure our success.

The first choice for customers and shareholders

As part of our Strategy 2020 we want to be the provider of choice for customers, an attractive investment for shareholders and the employer of choice for our staff.

The Group's global program First Choiceundefined is designed to intensify our focus and our business processes on our customers' needs. We are committed to strengthening customer loyalty and expanding our business using our existing customer base. We also aim to change the corporate culture of Deutsche Post DHL Group. We are doing more to promote collaboration among employees across the Group in an effort to enhance value for our customers.

Our commitment

Our ability to perform as a Group rests on the shoulders of our many employees. Our guiding principle "Respect & Results" strengthens the collaboration among our employees and demonstrates our respect for human rights within our sphere of influence. Regarding our Corporate Social Responsibility, we focus on the topics of employees & workspace, principles & guidelines, society & engagement, and environment & solutions.