Revenue decreases further

In the first nine months of 2009, revenue in the MAIL Division decreased by 5.0% to €9,972 million (previous year: €10,498 million), due in part to 2.2 fewer working days in the reporting period. In areas sensitive to economic developments, revenue remained below the prior-year figures in line with expectations. Exchange rate gains amounted to €15 million.


Mail Communication business below prior year

Revenue in the Mail Communication Business Unit declined from €4,431 million to €4,266 million. The market is shrinking steadily as a result of increasing use of electronic means of communication – a trend that has been exacerbated by the recession. After a weak second quarter, we saw business customer activities stabilise in the third quarter but overall figures remained below the prior-year level. We retained and regained quality-conscious customers; however, some of our customers turned to competitors as a consequence of a higher sensitivity to prices in the wake of the poor economic conditions.

Mail Communication: volumesMail Communication: volumes
mail items (millions)
  9M 2008 9M 2009 +/– % Q3 2008 Q3 2009 +/– %
Business customer letters  5,090 4,931
 -3.1 1,634
Private customer letters 928
 -2.4 302
Total 6,018
 -3.0 1,936

Advertising budgets remain limited

In times of economic difficulty, customers change their advertising behaviour – a tendency that we continue to observe in the Dialogue Marketing Business Unit. Mail-order companies, in particular, are investing less in advertising. As a result, volumes declined overall for both addressed and unaddressed advertising mail in the first nine months of the year. However, in the third quarter unaddressed advertising mail recovered slightly in the run-up to Germany’s parliamentary elections. Nine-month revenue was €1,968 million, which is 5.1% below the previous year (€2,074 million).

Dialogue Marketing: volumesDialogue Marketing: volumes
mail items (millions)
  9M 2008 9M 2009 +/– % Q3 2008 Q3 2009 +/– %
Addressed advertising mail 4,965
Unaddressed advertising mail1) 3,596
Total 8,561

Average prices for newspapers and magazines drop

Revenue in the Press Services Business Unit amounted to €610 million, 4.2% below the prior-year figure of €637 million. Both the number of pages and the weight of newspapers and magazines have decreased due to diminishing advertising content. The average prices for distributing these items have therefore dropped.

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