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Last change: 03/10/2015

Our Group-wide environmental protection program and respective green solutions offered to our customers (reporting, consulting, carbon-reduced and carbon-neutral)

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LED is a light-emitting diode. Compared to conventional lighting technologies, LED offer many advantages including lower energy consumption, longer lifetime, improved robustness, smaller size, faster switching on and off times, and greater durability and reliability.

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T5 is a type of fluorescent lamp served by electronic ballasts only, used as a popular energy-efficiency measure due to its potential to reduce the amount of electricity used for lighting.

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We focus on protecting the environment, delivering help and championing education and encourage our employees to volunteer in corporate and local projects.


Videos about our corporate social activities, our climate protection program and the range of services offered by the Deutsche Post and DHL brands.

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This blog presents views on the economy, technology, logistics, the environment and society from Deutsche Post DHL Group experts and leading experts from the field.

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